Re-think Retirement - a Next-Up Podcast

Journalist Peter Davenport travelled the world on top stories. Now in his 70s, he’s on Instagram with his Italian jackets and ties!

July 29, 2022

International journalist Peter Davenport met Hollywood icons Fred Astaire to John Wayne and Omar Sharif; was with the Royal Navy on HMS Illustrious in the Indian Ocean, flew to the Falklands with the RAF and was at Bloody Sunday in Londonderry. Moving to the ‘dark side’ of PR he started and built PR consultancies and now shares his experiences as a speaker. Author of two books and manager of a teenage rock band, Peter is still young at heart and enjoying life. Always a stylish dresser, he didn’t resort to meeting in pyjamas in Covid! Instead he started sharing his love of clothes on Instagram: @peterd67. Peter is a great example to us all – joyous and positive, trying new things and living life to the full!

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